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2011-12-22 10:17 am

Hey there

Since Dreamwith is letting people sign up without having a code, I've taken this one as an insurance policy for my LJ.
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2002-12-27 07:21 pm

Vork! Vork!

I have a essay on the subject of two other essays due on Monday. But right now, like last night, I am useless for all practical purpouses.
( Since I may pick out the essays about on-line communication to write about I can safely consider this "research.")
Pretty useless...yep. Just want to listen to music in my room. Stupid hormones. How can I be so tired, when I haven't accomplished anything?
How is it possible that I can have so much energy going through me yet still feel weak?

I'm not going to fail.

Licorice is toxic in large amounts. This worries me. I just ate a large amount of licorice. I'm so worried about that f paper, chewing licorice candies is calming.
It's only a little paper....but it seems like those three pages will never become a solid reality.
Some lady spoke to me in the lobby, asked why I looked like I hated everyone all the time.
Then she saw me in the cafeteria and told me to smile. Theater majors.

I just realized that "Brazil" and "The Metamorphosis" are both stories that involve bugs.
You think of these things when trying to do something you don't really want to.
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2002-02-02 07:29 pm

(no subject)

One of those days, I just can't stop giggling. I know doing my paper tonight will put a quick end to that mood, though.
My new roommate, Jing, is very polite and nice. It's beginning to creep me out a little. There's the usual new emarassment, for example, I asked her if she needed help moving in and she gave a little laugh and said "No thanks, I don't have...much.. stuff." She looked embarrassed, so I felt that way too.

This makes me laugh.
"Breakfast Cerial KIllers"
"The Lucky Charms leprachaun is an ancient pagan imp, if ever I have seen one.
The Trix Rabbit is an obvious Marxist terrorist looking to redistribute our children's resources amongst third-world rodents like him-self.
Count Chocula is an aging goth kid and after 32 years, he still paints his fingernails black and is secretly hoping that Marilyn Manson never gets as big as Bau-haus.
The Quaker Oats guy is a CHAR-ismatic cult leader, leading a band of oddly-clad, patriot, manson-family -like BREAKFAST CERIAL KILL-ERS!"
I love Dr. Demento.
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2002-01-30 07:27 pm

(no subject)

The sky was really lovely as I walked back from the computer lab last night. All different shades of purple. The moon was perfectly clear and it looked like it had a spiderweb hanging from it. I couldn't sleep last night, so I wrote something while I was half awake. I wouldn't read it if I were you.

Dear Self,
I am leaving you. Don't act so surprised, we both knew this was coming for a long time.
I hate to say it, but you need to take your myopic little eyes off your own psyche for a while and look up.

I mean, have you ever seriously cared about anyone outside yourself? Ok, maybe that was harsh. Well, you are an idealist, but complaining about things and making things better are two entirely different things. If you want to be a perfectionist, you should at least try to be good at it.

No, I'm not going to discuss it anymore. We always end up covering the same old ground, and I am sick of it. I need to grow, and while you have everything you need, you don't seem to be doing that.
You complain about not being strong, but you're not willing to do anything that would cause you inconvenience.

Don't worry. You'll be fine without me. A lot of people who don't have souls do very well in this world.
Just look at all those reality shows.
But, for your own sake, PLEASE try to contribute something to the world. Love people, or become disciplined, or if you can't do any of that, at least try to be charming.

Best wishes,
Your Soul
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2002-01-29 07:25 pm

(no subject)

"I loved you then, I love you still, but if I can't have you no one will."
I have that song stuck in my head and it WILL NOT get out.

So, it looks like Jing-Jing will be my new roomate. Certainly not disastarous, but I've always had trouble understanding anything she says and (since English is not her first language) she has that trouble too. This should be interesting, communication-wise. Usually when I spend a lot of time around foriegn people, a nod a lot and my cheeks start hurting from smiling so much. Speaking of that, how come my face looks so swollen?

*insert moaning about Lit paper and French portfolio due on Friday here*

Current Mood: achey
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2002-01-28 07:23 pm


I've come across 4 people who have had dreams about meeting famous people from Jan 21-27.

Comments: [info]bob

2002-01-29 10:09 pm UTC

i've never met a famous person from that time period



2002-01-30 07:54 am UTC


YOU wouldn't have :-P
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2002-01-25 12:30 pm

Mange Poisson Avec Moi!

It looks like I'll be headed back to Columbia Saturday, unless I decide not to go. I've already begun freaking out over my two papers and French portfolio due next week...did I mention that already?

I had a crazy dream last night
Read more... )
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2002-01-24 04:03 pm

Poor Gregor Samsa

Yep. I'm doin' stuff.
I keep eating by myself at lunch. I don't really mind eating by myself, but it's nice to see friends too.
I'll be playing roomate roulette soon. I've gone through a lot of roomates...four last year. They're always suddenly realizing that they want to move in with their friends. Or exploding.
I hate having roomates explode. There are never any mops handy.
*god! my eyelid's twitching!*

"Don't touch it, Mummy, it's evil!"
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2002-01-23 04:48 pm

Check this out!

wow. that's all i can say. wow.

nice nativity scene. "Cthulu saves your souls and reedeems them later for valuable cupons."
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2002-01-23 12:15 pm

(no subject)

I took some Sudafed this morning. Right now I'm feeling dazed and foggy, so it's nice to know there are no side-effects. ;)
Yesterdays work is finished. I missed another quiz in lit. But I haven't fallen off the hampster wheel yet.

I can't stop thinking about fanatics.
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2002-01-22 10:11 am

(no subject)

I woke up this mornig with a cold. I blame Bob, since he was the only person I know who had a cold. heh. It's weird because that night I dreamed about fighting off blood-sucking spiders (viruses?). It was like some stupid remake of Alien.
I feel better now, just a little weak.
I drove to school, went to class..realized I left an hour early.
So now all I have to do is my french work and type an english summary. I may be in the library until late. Oh yeah, I also forgot the webpage of my lit class.
I don't want to miss it when they start doing The Metamorphosis.

I love you guys.
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2002-01-21 11:49 am

(no subject)


scream with me.
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2002-01-20 11:39 am


Yep. Last night I totally went to one of those, heh.
It was at the ditch house again, but this time nothing got broken.
It was great until this guy who was wearing a cowboy hat put some good music on. Then, another guy, named Matthew (no, not twinbee) stormed into the room and demanded the music be changed back to the 80's dance that was on before. "The lights stay on til I change the music." He called the cowboy-hatted guy a pussy, and cowboy-hat left in disgust. Matthew started yelling at the people grumbling around him, "What? I can't help it if he's black."
It's at times like these I wish that I had the power to make a person blank out just by touching them. It really pissed me off that he was swaggering around like he owned the place, even if he was drunk.
I might have left then and there, but James persuaded me to stay and dance with him and talk to some people. I finally went home about 3
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2002-01-18 01:25 pm

I have hope.

Yayyy! the Ditch show rocked. And now I have the hope i can finish my zine. Btw, does anyone have a copy of my last one? I lost a page and that really sucks. That was one of the primary reasons I've been bummed.
I was drained before, but now I think I may have a buildup of ideas again.
Theyr'e important to me, like my life boiled down and concentrated, it's like turning vaugue and cloudy head noise into a coherent solid. They give me hope that i'm not forever stuck in my head, unable to explain my dreams and ideas. Maybe that's a bit over dramatic.

I need to go home sometime soon so I can scan some stuff, but there's a party on Saturday and I'm not about to get roped into going to church on Sunday. Maybe I'll go home Sunday afternoon. Mom's always calling me on the weekends and telling me she's lonely. It frightens me that she acts like grandma sometimes. I really hope that's not hereditary.

Otherwise, I feel great.
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2002-01-17 06:52 pm

I want to disappear.

Yeah, I've been feeling extremely unsociable. The only thing that keeps me making an effort is that I'm afraid that when I come out of it, I won't have any friends left because I've been ignoring them.
They say college has the best years of your life, and when you get out no one wants to go anywhere or do anything on Saturday night except maybe drink.
But that's true right here and right now.
I don't know about that Ditch show tonight. All I want to do right now is go to my room and sleep or maybe listen to the Cure until I start to feeling better. I also have homework.
I still might might be cool...but i'm tired.
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2002-01-17 12:43 pm

My amazing navel.

I feel vunerable today, like being honest instead of making a good impression.
I've decided that one of my worst habits is flirting with people. I don't mean to do it, but it happens. It's just embarassing and sometimes if the other person is a guy, there will be misunderstandings.
I don't know why, but I feel humiliated.

*oh yeah, this is a notice that from now on my journal will probably start to make less sense and focus on more real feelings, even if they sound stupid. You are warned.
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2002-01-16 02:02 pm

I'm feeling all perky today, which is bad, because usually, sooner or later I get smacked for it. Parking tickets, lightning, and whatnot.
We had a guided exercise in Comparative Religion today to explain the power of imagination in religion.
At one point we were supposed to see a spiritual being and ask them questions.
I saw Wakko, Yakko, and Dot. They were too busy whacking each other with fish to answer questions.
I don't think that's normal, but I'm glad it wasn't "I saw a unicorn!"
If I was that person, I'd never show my face again...I joke. ;)

I wrote an essay proposing we install shock collars on the youth of America. It seems kind of dated now, but I may still post it.
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2002-01-15 06:04 pm

Somewhere not in a minefield

I write this from the USM library computer lab, where yesterday someone was arrested for masturbating in public. Now that I've put that picture in your head, I'll complain some.
I don't understand why I'm avoiding my friends right I can't be bothered to put forth the effort to start a conversation. I want to, but on a deeper level I just don't care.
The whole world seems like just one long string of French assignments and papers to be done.
And that's all there is.
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2002-01-14 10:15 am

What's with all the 80's music?

School type stuff is starting to happen again...Like my first paper assignment.
With all this going on, the library will definately be my second home.
I didn't go out last night, which was good because of homework.
I feel sorry for my french teacher because everyone just stares at her blankly all the time.
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2002-01-13 06:45 pm

Nonevent rambling

Finally I can update. Yesterday I got kicked out of the computer lab because the library was closing.
I've been kind of weird lately.
I don't like it when the crying jags happen, really, I don't.
I was wandering around miserable for no reason last night, but then I went back to my dorm and read a cool part of my comparative religion textbook on Buddisim, so that's all cool.
Also that Twisted Sister song came on the radio, so how could I *help* but be happy?
Wandered around with James, Sarah, Robbie and Sam.
Tried to get my gum to stick to the ceiling.
It didn't.
(What can I say, I'm in a silly mood.)
I better get back to Seymour's now, the line might be shorter.
I might go to see Orange County tonight with the above mentioned people.