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It looks like I'll be headed back to Columbia Saturday, unless I decide not to go. I've already begun freaking out over my two papers and French portfolio due next week...did I mention that already?

I had a crazy dream last night
It sounds pretty boring written out, but at the time, it was incredibly weird.
Kurt Cobain called me on the phone and told me to meet him at 1am at a festival.
"Aren't you supposed to be dead?" I asked.
"yes." He told me the place's name: something beginning with an "S" but he wouldn't give me directions. I was really excited:although in reality I wasn't affected by his death, in the dream he seemed like an old friend that I had lost.
I drove to a festival, but it was the wrong place. I met some friends and we kept trying to find the building. Before i knew it, it was 6 and way too late.We decided to go anyway, having figured out it was in a condemned theater. A band was getting ready to go onstage and the audiance was playing with the yellow 'do not enter' tape. There was an incredible feeling there. I noticed Kurt on stage, helping put the drum kit together. He waved at everyone and dissappeared. I sat there, just happy to see him again.

I have no idea what this dream means, just that it was ridiculously happy and exciting. I've heard that if a famous person appears in your dream, it means you're a narcissist, but I don't know.
I wasn't really affected by the singer's death in real life but seeing him in my dream was like seeing an old friend i thought was lost forever. That can't be right though, because I've never had a friend die or be totally lost to me before.
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