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I'm nervous. Very nervous. Did I say I was nervous? I feel like a five year old surrounded by adults.
I misread my new french classroom as 203. Assumed that there was no such class after all. Freaked out. Accidently walked in on my old french teacher while she was teaching class. Got chewed out.

*Whacks head* If my other class ends at 11:55 and my next begins at 1, then I DO have a lunch! Duh!

Mom called last night, and in a hushed voice told me she had found some sites that were "not nice" on the computer. Apparently, somehow two advertisments for porns got into the "documents" section. I have no idea how that happened. Maybe I visited a site where those were pop up ads, but how, how did they get in the "documents" section?? Me being ignorant about computers and all, I made up some story about how "webrawlers" must have installed "cookies" there. Total BS, but she knows less about computers than I do. I don't think she believed me though. So my mom thinks I like porn sites.* Great*
"Your dad's going to hit the roof when he sees this." It is a fundamental mistake to ever teach parents how to use a computer.
Before she hung up, she asked "You don't ever go to *boys* rooms or have them go to your room, do you.?"
Shee. I could have told the truth and said "Yes I do. I know these boys well enough to trust them. (Strange but true,mom, some members of the male sex can be trusted!) They're friends. "
Or as option #2, I could do everything she tells me.
I chose option #3: Lie. "No, and I don't ride in cars with boys either."
I should have chosen option #4: "I don't like men. I'm attracted to women. I thought you knew that."
Ahh..It's not that bad .She's just trying to protect me...Just call me Norman. Norman Bates.


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