Jan. 17th, 2002

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I feel vunerable today, like being honest instead of making a good impression.
I've decided that one of my worst habits is flirting with people. I don't mean to do it, but it happens. It's just embarassing and sometimes if the other person is a guy, there will be misunderstandings.
I don't know why, but I feel humiliated.

*oh yeah, this is a notice that from now on my journal will probably start to make less sense and focus on more real feelings, even if they sound stupid. You are warned.
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Yeah, I've been feeling extremely unsociable. The only thing that keeps me making an effort is that I'm afraid that when I come out of it, I won't have any friends left because I've been ignoring them.
They say college has the best years of your life, and when you get out no one wants to go anywhere or do anything on Saturday night except maybe drink.
But that's true right here and right now.
I don't know about that Ditch show tonight. All I want to do right now is go to my room and sleep or maybe listen to the Cure until I start to feeling better. I also have homework.
I still might go...it might be cool...but i'm tired.


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