Jan. 8th, 2002

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Gawd, I've been such a geek today...sadly not a computer geek though.
It's just one of those days when I get the blinding realization that I've been standing too close to the person I just got finished talking to, and I probably have lettice in my teeth.
I want to be around people. I really love walking around campus, enjoying the sun, just being part of the crowd, but my mind's somewhere else. Anytime I've tried to communicate one on one, it feels like my brain's fused together. Just numbness and fog.
This worries me because I've always drifted away from my friends after a certain period of time.
It also pisses me off that I'm ignorant about so much...That old steriotype about girls being english majors and doing poorly at math GRRR.
I guess, if I just worked, I could learn stuff. But! But! It seems hard. Gah! I'm lazy. I don't even read books on my own anymore unless they are entertaining or instructive liberal-arts oriented type.
-Last night I dreamed about making up ethnic slurs for Germans. They tend to be underrepresented in ethnic slurs.
-Now I know what a Nazi hippie would look like. Nice coat, Bob!


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