Jan. 7th, 2002

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I'm between classes right now. Hopefully I can change my schedual so that I can eat lunch. Lunch is good. I'm in the lab with the MS chapter of american atheists. (Bob)
Yeah, I feel a little stupid for starting a community when i don't even really know that many people, but maybe it will be ok. Surely there are many people who wish to complain about Mississippi out there?
I probably should never have introduced Matt to live journal. ahh..well, it's all for the greater glory of...Fred.
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Well. I was able to get lunch today. Just because I got out early. But now all the other class times are taken. Ah...well.
Matt talked me into going with him to rent a dvd...a little frostbite never hurt nobody.
Then, maybe, just maybe, the chair of the English department will be back from his cruise in the bahamas and I can officially become a directionless English major.

I got one of those nifty velcro shirts you can attatch letters to. heheh. It says "We're doomed."
The only problem is that it fits funny.
I also recently spent four hours looking for a pair of black pants. None of them fit right or looked right.
I must really have a weird body.


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